Little Compton

It still amazes me how small Rhode Island is and yet there are still so many places here that I have never seen or spent any quality time in.  Little Compton, located in Newport County, is one of those places.  Quick history, according to 17th century land evidence, Little Compton originally belonged to the Sakonnet tribe, who were led by Awoshonks, cousins of Metacomet (commonly known as King Philip).  In 1682, the town was incorporated by the Plymouth Colony and renamed Little Compton.

Some friends of ours who were renting a fantastic house in this this sleepy little beach town invited us to join them for a few days at the very beginning of the summer.  It was the perfect weekend getaway with gorgeous weather and lots of exploration to beaches, nurseries, and farmer’s markets.  This place is so picturesque and I can’t wait to get back here for another visit next summer.

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Keep your face always toward the sunshine…

Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.

– Walt Whitman

Round Hill

I was so excited to be able to attend my cousin Timmy’s wedding in Jamaica.  It was beyond spectacular.  The details were amazing, the guests were so lovely, and the staff at Round Hill could not have been nicer.  Complimenting it all was the perfect weather.  My goodness.  I never wanted to leave this place!  Absolutely incredible.  Congratulations to Timmy and his beautiful wife Alexis.  I am so happy for you two.  Wishing you both lots of love and happiness for many years to come.  X M

Lands End

What do you do when the government shuts down your photo shoot??  That’s a scenario I recently encountered when I met up with one of my favorite twin families.  We had all planned to meet at China Beach to shoot this year’s portraits except, due to the government shut down at the time, the gates to the beach were closed, therefore, denying us access. Thankfully, in San Francisco, there is no shortage of exceptional places to shoot so we jumped up the street to Lands End and did our shoot there.  It’s so fun to see how much George and Charlotte have grown in just a year’s time.  I am so thankful to have the opportunity to capture another year of memories for this beautiful family.


Chloe has got to be one of the coolest little quirk burgers I have ever met.  She is funny, sassy, creative and has a super cool style all her own.  I met her, her parents, her grandma, and her dog Marley at one of my favorite all time shooting areas in SF, Heron’s Head Park.  The weather was just superb!  It’s days like these that make my heart ache for SF.  I am so thankful I get to come back out and meet super cool families like this one and capture these memories for them.  Check out all the action!

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Another Summer Gone By

This summer was great, especially since we were lucky enough to live by the beach the entire time!  It has been quite some time since we have felt those warm summer nights for such a long period of time and I, for one, will never tire of that feeling.  Memorial day weekend had us off to a bit if a cool start but things warmed up quickly soon there after.  This summer, we had tons of visits from friends, we went to pool parties and BBQs.  We took daddy out to a fancy brunch for father’s day, hung out with our cousins, graduated to balance bikes, and even met Smokey the Bear (with great apprehension, that is).  I was also able to get together with some dear old college friends for a girls getaway weekend that was SO MUCH FUN.  As much fun as the summer was, we are very excited for the fall where we are planning more trips and visits with friends.  This time of the year always seems to fly by the fastest for me and before you know it, we will be into the new year with even more change coming our way.  I am very excited about what the next 6 months will hold for our little family.  We shall see!  XX

Finally Thawing Out

This winter was brutal.  Oh my goodness.  I’ll admit it, when the first snow fell, it was really beautiful and I was excited for the twins to experience their first snow storm.  But when we lost electricity for three days, I was over it.  So over it.  On top of that, everyone was getting sick and spring just couldn’t come fast enough.  Well, spring kind of got robbed a bit by this long winter but summer is right around the corner and I am so psyched for some warm beach weather.  Despite the long, dark, cold days we endured, we still managed to get out and enjoy ourselves quite a bit.  We went to the beach in star pants and moon boots, we fed the animals at the farm down the street, we played at the playground and visited the ducks at the park in town.  One of us even got his first haircut!  So long winter.  See ya next year!

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Jeremy Rishe // Actor

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of photographing new headshots for one of my favorite repeat clients, Jeremy Rishe. Jeremy is a fantastic actor.  He has a very ‘present’ quality about him that really lets people in to see everything.  That is such an important part of being a successful actor, yet, not so easily obtained.  In addition, Jeremy has a fantastic sense of humor and is such a positive person overall.  I really love having yet another opportunity to work with such a talented and engaging individual.  Jeremy is not only an actor but he is also a writer and producer, working on numerous projects that you must check out!  The first is his web series called FIRST WORLD Problem. “Stan and Annie love each other, but ultimately get in the way of those “other” life plans and dreams.  Over-educated and underemployed, passionate but ineffective, sincere and clueless, our characters live large in some of the smallest ways possible.”  The second is a film called Hurricane, Brooklyn about a young Mormon man who comes to New York to serve his mission when his world collides with a poet/dominatrix one night, forming an unlikely friendship and forever changing both their worlds.  Lastly, he is a part of a film called The Weekend, which is filmed in real time over the course of three days.  It follows 12 former summer camp friends as they reunite for a celebratory getaway in upstate NY.  Featuring an extraordinary cast of up-and-coming actors, this hilarious, romantic, and life-affirming indie is already being called “a Big Chill for the 90’s generation.”  Wow!  So busy! Keep up the good work Jeremy! — Hair and make-up by Kaarin Lanyi, Photo Assistant, Carrie Klein