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Engraved Holiday Cards and Announcements

There are so many events to celebrate throughout the year, why not share them with friends and loved ones by creating a unique custom engraved card?  These cards are made from beautiful card stock and are sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone!  Not to mention, they are a wonderful way to collect your gorgeous memories.  Get your cards today!

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Creating Collections: Presentation Boxes

When I got married, our amazing wedding photographer, Jen Fariello, gave us a beautiful box that holds all the shots from our wedding.  I love this box because it’s so much fun to sit down every once and while and just sift through the memories of that day.  Having actual prints is great because often times, I like to change up what I have in frames or maybe throw an image into the corner of a mirror.  The possibilities are endless!  Nowadays, most of our images live in our computers. They rarely become something to hold in our hands.  Printing out pictures is not only fun but it’s a great way to back up your images. God forbid your computer totally crashes and you are unable to retrieve all of those gorgeous memories you have been collecting over the years.  For me, that would be devastating.

These presentation boxes are custom made using Japanese bookbinding fabrics and Swiss ribbon accents.  There are all sorts of wonderful colors to choose from.  You can choose a bow or go with a simple accent ribbon (as seen here).  You can also personalize with engraving.  The box pictured here is one that I created for my twins.  It can hold up to 800 4×6 photos.  I just love how classic and well made these boxes are.  Please contact me if you are interested in creating a presentation box collection for yourself or for someone you know.


Happy Father’s Day

This year marks our very first Father’s Day in our house.  For this special occasion, the twins and I wanted to create something super awesome for Daddy so we compiled some of our favorite shots from the many photo shoots we have done and put them together in a 5×5 album.  I LOVE giving albums as gifts.  They are so much fun to put together and they are a great way to start a collection of memories.


Finao One Album

Not too long ago I attended the wedding of some friends and although I was not the wedding photographer, I did capture enough images to put together an album for them as a wedding present.  This is an 8×8 flush mount leather bound album.  They are super sturdy and have a gorgeous and simple presentation to them.  I love my albums to look clean and classic so as to stand the test of time.  Take a look!






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Fancy New Folios

These are great!  Here’s another fantastic gift idea.  These handmade folios, made from a variety of Japanese bookbinding fabrics and Swiss ribbon accents, are great for any occasion and I love that they can display themselves.  Check them out!





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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift










Stumped on what get a loved one for V-day this year?  How about a 5×5 unique photo album?  Not only are these albums incredibly affordable but they are perfect size to toss into your bag and bring around to show off to your friends and family.  It’s also a great way to start a library to document and watch your family grow over the years.  These albums can be purchased individually or with a portrait package which includes a full photo shoot, an online gallery, as well as a slew of various sized prints.
Customize your album from a bunch of colorful and interesting fabrics. Each album is then presented in a burlap bag with your family’s name written in calligraphy.  It is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! :)