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Miss V

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I recently had the pleasure of photographing this young rising star.  Miss V is a super talented performer with aspirations of becoming the next Taylor Swift.  On top of her incredible talents as a stage actress and singer, she is one of the kindest, sweetest young ladies you could ever hope to meet.  Watch out world, this little lady is about to make a big loud noise!

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Jeremy Rishe // Actor

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of photographing new headshots for one of my favorite repeat clients, Jeremy Rishe. Jeremy is a fantastic actor.  He has a very ‘present’ quality about him that really lets people in to see everything.  That is such an important part of being a successful actor, yet, not so easily obtained.  In addition, Jeremy has a fantastic sense of humor and is such a positive person overall.  I really love having yet another opportunity to work with such a talented and engaging individual.  Jeremy is not only an actor but he is also a writer and producer, working on numerous projects that you must check out!  The first is his web series called FIRST WORLD Problem. “Stan and Annie love each other, but ultimately get in the way of those “other” life plans and dreams.  Over-educated and underemployed, passionate but ineffective, sincere and clueless, our characters live large in some of the smallest ways possible.”  The second is a film called Hurricane, Brooklyn about a young Mormon man who comes to New York to serve his mission when his world collides with a poet/dominatrix one night, forming an unlikely friendship and forever changing both their worlds.  Lastly, he is a part of a film called The Weekend, which is filmed in real time over the course of three days.  It follows 12 former summer camp friends as they reunite for a celebratory getaway in upstate NY.  Featuring an extraordinary cast of up-and-coming actors, this hilarious, romantic, and life-affirming indie is already being called “a Big Chill for the 90’s generation.”  Wow!  So busy! Keep up the good work Jeremy! — Hair and make-up by Kaarin Lanyi, Photo Assistant, Carrie Klein

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Headshots: Following Your Dreams

One of the many reasons why I love photographing actors is because they take action to follow their dreams.  They’re hopeful, positive, ambitious and inspiring.  This kind of energy is infectious and I am always thrilled when I get to be a part of the process.  It is especially exciting to work with actors who have decided to start pursuing their dreams later in life.

Meet Jeff Newton.  Jeff is an actor here in California.  As the first person in his family to go to college, acting was not considered an “appropriate” career choice.  Instead, Jeff got married, started a family, and went to work in the finance world.  One night, while out to dinner with his wife, she asked him what he wanted to do.  Jeff told her that he wanted to act.  His wife was extremely supportive towards his decision mentally, emotionally, and financially.  So Jeff began the process and has kept himself open to any and all possibilities.  He is drawn to the stage where he can choose the pieces he wants to create and work on through acting and eventually writing and directing.

The bottom line is that it is NEVER too late to follow your dreams.  So many times our fears stop us dead in our tracks. According to Jeff, there is no turning back now.  He can’t imagine doing anything else.  I can’t imagine life without my photography.  Are you living your life like there is no turning back?  Do you want to make a change?  DO IT!!  Take a chance and say yes to your dreams!


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Headshots: Hair and Makeup

When I first began shooting headshots many years ago, we shot all film and in all black and white.  Today, although I still shoot a lot of film, the trend is definitely more digital and headshots are now all color. With color photos, you really cannot get away without hair and makeup like you could with black and white film.  Flaws are much more apparent in color and can be very distracting to an agent or casting director when considering hiring you.  When investing in your career, it’s important not to cut corners. When I am working with someone like makeup artist Karen Lanyi, I feel completely confident that she is going to make my client look their absolute best without over doing it. She describes her style as a “more polished version of yourself.”  Karen is not only great at what she does but she’s fun on the shoot and and is always very supportive. Couple that with shooting a pro like Wenne, who has recently worked with the likes of Dennis Leary and Will Smith, and you have a winning combination.  Make the investment, perform like a pro, and you will surely be on the road to success.  Check out some of the shots from our shoot.  Oh, and there is no photoshop on these shots.  Just another testament to Karen’s phenomenal abilities. :)









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Headshots – Looking Like You

This weekend I read an interesting article in the New York Times titled, “A Little Too Ready For Her Close Up?”  You can check it out here. The article basically talks about how people out there, mostly the ladies, are partaking in too much plastic surgery too young and it is hurting their chances of getting cast in numerous roles.  The biggest problem I have seen with plastic surgery is that is rare that it is done extremely well so as to not notice that someone has had any work done.  Instead, the work seems to be done so carelessly and too quickly that one person’s plastic surgery looks like ten others and then, before you know it, you have done the worst thing possible, other than cut into your beautiful body, you have failed to differentiate yourself and that is CRUCIAL in this business.

One of the things I am extremely passionate about when shooting headshots is making certain that your images look like you, that they represent you.  Not only looks wise but personality wise.  I have had people tell me how much they love my work and how badly they want to shoot with me but could I make them look like someone else.  I simply tell them that I won’t do it and that they are better off working with a photographer who can do that for them. It’s not that I can’t make you look like someone else it’s that I don’t want to. I want to celebrate you and all the things that make you unique and individual by capturing that through photographs in the most honest way that I know how.

Here’s a shoot I did not too long ago with the lovely Maura.  This was such a fun shoot.  Oh, and Maura landed two gigs after sending out her first round headshots from out shoot.  Not too bad for just being yourself, huh?










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Headshots: Choosing Your Photographer

While living in New York I shot a LOT of headshots for actors, dancers, writers, musicians and many other artists.  I love photographing artists and I often  make special trips to NYC just to work with them.  As people back east continue to contact me for shoots, it got me thinking about the process of how one goes about choosing a headshot photographer especially when there are so many to choose from.  I know when I was acting many many years ago, I so wished there was a place I could go to that talked about this process.  Now I am sure there are many opinions on how to choose the right person for you but I just wanted to share some things I have learned through my own experiences from in front of and behind the camera.
1. Find a photo style that speaks to you. There are some photographers that like shooting in natural light and others that like a more controlled studio environment. Some do a bit of both.  Make a list of your favorites and check out their work on their website.
2. Make an appointment to meet with the photographers face to face. I think this is extremely important.  You have to know how you are going to click with your photographer and be sure to ask them any and all questions in regards to the shoot.  If you get a bad vibe or just don’t feel comfortable in general, that uneasiness is going to read in ALL of your pictures.  If you can’t meet face to face, try to arrange for a phone conversation.  Because I am on the west coast, I talk to a lot of people on the phone or even via Skype.  Communication is an integral part of this process.
3. Get recommendations from people you know. Talk to your friends, your teachers, casting directors, agents, anyone you think could offer some advice in regards to helping you make a good decision.  So many of my shoots are word of mouth and I love that.  Listen to your friends, they are the ones looking out for you the most! :)
Here are pictures from two shoots I did recently. Aimee is a repeat client and we get along famously and Matt is a friend that she recommended to me.  He was such a delight to work with and he just killed me with those gorgeous green eyes!







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